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11 Jun 2012

Happy Birthday Debbie

It's Debbies birthday this week and she asked me to make her a cake. Good opportunity to get some more practice in too, so here's how it turned out..

Debbie loved it..oh and it tasted very nice indeed :)

17 Jan 2012

Cakes for sale!

I've recently started making and selling Christmas and Birthday cakes for a friend and her family..
She asked me to make a fruit and chocolate cake for her grandchildren last week.. Here's how they turned out!

I was told they were both beautiful.. Just need to work on decoration now but looking at going to night school later this year :)

22 Dec 2011

Don't you just love Christmas..

Well it took me quite a while to get in the mood this year but now iv'e done it..i can't wait!

The stars are handmade by P and S handmadecrafts They're Fab, i love them. I'm sure you'll agree they look amazing on our tree :)

3 Dec 2011

Christmas starts early in our house!

I decided to make my own Christmas cake this year for a change.. I made the cake back in October and it's matured so well. I marzipaned,iced and decorated it yesterday and here's how it turned out!

I was so pleased how the cake turned out i made 2 ickle ones too which will be given as Christmas presents

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a yummy time!

21 Oct 2011

Chocolate maniac back again!

Spent a lovely few hours this morning baking with my close friend..
We decided to go for a tray bake..

Its a quick and easy recipe and just look at the results :)
Click here for the recipe

18 Sep 2011

Lake District Loveliness

Me and Deb enjoyed a really lovely and long awaited holiday last week.
Spent 5 night at Glenville House in between the towns of Windermere & Bowness

 Bowness pier on the banks of Lake Windermere

 It was a lovely cruise on a gorgeous day :)

 Beautiful Ambleside

The view from our room